Today our children are exposed to “influencers” (people followed by thousands or millions on social media like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and many others). Sometimes it is challenging for parents to understand the values that these influencers stand for, or how figuring it out if he or she is a good role model or someone to run from it! My advice for parents is first to go online, check whom your child is following, and then discuss it. However, when having this conversation it is imperative to listen first, then problematize, after that reaffirm your family’s values. Let your child explicitly explain to you if following this person is a good choice… this is critical thinking!

Critical thinking is essential for digital citizenship, a crucial topic in the 21st-century. Many schools have adopted digital citizenship curriculum to help learners navigate safely in online spaces. Ask your school about it. Ask me about it. I can help!

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