Researchers are urging schools and educators to rethink homework, parents and students should be part of this conversation.

What is an efficient homework?

Research data shows that the benefit of homework to increase students’ achievement is stronger starting only at 7th grade.

Looking at this data it is urgent to discuss why and how teachers should assign homework due to how much time, efforts, and emotional stress are children and parents spending on it every day. Homework can help students develop study skills, but it needs to be thoughtfully assigned for it. It is not just a drill that the teacher can pull out from the internet or textbook.

An efficient homework invite learners access working memory, and ask them to create their own narratives about what they have learned at school.

It is crucial that district, schools, and educators discuss what research has shown to be efficient or not. We already know that before a particular grade, homework is inefficient to improve students’ grades, and sometimes harm achievement. However, it is not about banning homework, but discussing how much homework is appropriate for each grade level, and (what I believe is most important) to rethink what kind of homework should be assigned.

Watch this video from Edutopiaand invite your teacher to watch it. Bring it to your school and discuss it:

Check the recommendations about homework at the National Educational Association

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