“The one-size-fits-all approach, which has guided our current school system since its early 20th-century origins, simply does not address the complex and varied needs of today’s children, particularly those living in poverty.” — Paul Reville

I feel blessed of participating in a book club discussion with enlightened innovator educators in Miami. Every other month there is a fascinating topic and book choices to read and discuss it.  In the first meeting, we came together to understand what personalized education truly means, and I genuinely believe that you should know more about it. I started to dig in this issue, and today I just came across this fantastic document, which begins with:

Countless studies tell a somber and all too familiar story: an unacceptable number of children and youth in the United States face systemic barriers that impede their access to essential services and opportunities they need to thrive.

Lee, Saeyun D. Success Plans: Promising Tools for Customizing Student Supports and Opportunities. Cambridge, MA: Education Redesign Lab, 2019.

The Education Redesign Lab is an excellent initiative of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. They identified a personalized plan for success has having a significant and untapped potential to bolster students’ outcomes. If you work at a school, check their tools for desigining a customized plan to support each learner addressing their particular strengths and challenges:

Do you want more? Read this excellent article at the Harvard Graduate School of Education newsletter:


Do you want to establish an insightful conversation about this? Schedule a presentation:

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