Educational consultant tuned with the challenges of the 21st-century. Every week families, PTOs, or schools’ principals contact me looking for an insightful perspective about a challenge. My mission became help families and schools evaluate the situation and design a plan to overcome them. 

Who I am

Experienced and Knowledgeable in Education

I have a Bachelor, a Master, and I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Education. I also have more than 20 years of experience in teaching, writing textbooks, as well as helping teachers and schools face their curriculum challenges. I am currently working as a curriculum consultant for Dual Language Portuguese programs in Utah, as well as organizing and delivering professional development for schools.


I am an award-winner writer. In 2014, I received the prestigious “Worlds Ahead Student” award from Florida International University for my Masters thesis. I also received the AOTP-Press Award in 2016 for the most relevant co-edited publication for Portuguese teachers in the U.S.

Bilingualism advocate

I have been actively involved with bilingual communities of Portuguese speakers all over the world, and helped to raise awareness about bilingual education in my local community as well. I also coordinated and published free resources for local and global communities, such as a book to help families understand how to raise bilingual Portuguese speakers, which was possible with the help of the Miami Brazilian Consulate, and a Brazilian University.

Inclusion advocate

I also have personal experience with special needs learners and I have helped parents and schools to understand the best practices for these students. All my experiences and knowledge became even more enriched by studying, understanding, and advocating for my special needs son.

Great free resource!

Download the award-winner co-edited book Como manter e desenvolver o português como língua de herança: dicas para quem mora fora do Brasilês(1).pdf