Ivian Destro Boruchowski

As society becomes more complex, families and schools need an insightful input of how to navigate the 21st-century education.

Very early, I understood that everybody is capable of learning. As an expert, I want to help families and schools tailor a path that will use challenges to catapult them to the 21st-century. I will use critical thinking and research-based knowledge to design an insightful plan with efficient resources for parents and schools. Besides my 20+ years of experience in education, a Bachelor and a  Master’s degree in this field, I am also a mom that faced the challenge to understand a new educational system, and to deal with a special need diagnosis.  Now I am pursuing a Ph.D., and I will use research-based knowledge and resources to help your family and your school deal with the 21st-century challenges.

I help families and schools deal with or integrate into their curriculum discussions related to

  • Homework battle and smarter strategies to study;
  • Bullying and integrating diverse learners; 
  • Digital citizenship and teach children navigate safely in the digital world;
  • Proficiency-based world-language programs;
  • Learning English while maintaining a home language;
  • Integrating technology in the classroom;
  • Visible learning and teacher’s impact;
  • Backward design curriculum model;
  • Project-based learning…

I will give you an expert input on how to navigate the educational system, and a safe place to discuss school’s feedback, concerns or diagnosis.

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Ivian Destro Boruchowski
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